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Also available on Google Play for Android devices https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ookko.ookkorally

Race against time, as far as you can, through random 2D hills


• One press controls

• Procedurally generated hill tracks

• Quick reset in case you crash your rally car

• Additional race and player stats for advanced drivers: collected medals, longest drive, average speed, high speed and crashes


• Press right to accelerate. There is no reverse or brake.

• If you crash your car and get stuck, wait till the car resets automatically to continue the race.

• Try to get your car as far as possible, as fast as possible before you run out of time. Try to finish a race without many crashes

• Release press to slow down driving speed. Handy against steep hills

• Open the game menu and click the rewind button to restart a race

• To drive further, checkpoints will increase your time

Also available on